In the Streets Fanny Pack Crochet Tutorial

A fanny pack is a great option for holding your essentials while showing your support for the movements you believe in. This one is customizable from size to pockets and straps, and its a good place to put buttons, patches and safety pins. It's also easy to throw in the wash (my other fanny packs are not that simple to clean).

If you know how to crochet, this is a good simple pattern to follow. If you don't, now's a great time to pick up a new hobby! This uses magic circle, chain, and double crochet stitches. That's it!


Yarn (I'm using a couple balls I received secondhand. Yes they have cat hair on them haha)


Tapestry/yarn needle

Crochet hook- I prefer 3.75mm for regular weight yarn, but 5mm is also common.

Safety pins or stitch markers

Strap- you can make your own with a variety of supplies such as an old belt or some strap material and a buckle. I'll also show you how to make loops to attach it to your belt or ties so it can be worn without a belt.

1. Start by making a magic circle, chain up two, and double crochet 8 into the circle.

2. For the second round, put two double crochets between each stitch of the first row.

3. Now let's do a pattern of 1 dc in one stitch, 2 dc in the next, and 1 in the next, and so on.

4. As you continue on, you'll expand the pattern of single dcs and double dcs. For example, this row you do 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2, etc. Next you do 1,1,1,2,1,1,1,2,etc. You'll probably start to be able to see a line at each 2 spot, which is helpful because then you don't have to count your stitches going forward- just do the 2 double crochets into the middle of the 2 dcs from the previous row.

5. Keep adding rows until you have the size you want for the body of the bag. Its okay if it doesn't lay perfectly flat. To visualize the size you're at, fold down part of the circle like the photo below. The little flap will be the top of the bag.

6. Time to do the front panel. Make a magic circle and chain 2. Double crochet 5 or 6 times to make half a circle.

7. Turn the project and double crochet 2 into every stitch space.

8. Repeat with the same pattern of increases as the full circle, but you might want to skip one of the 2 dcs, and instead do just 1 in that spot, or the half circle could start looking more like a pac-man. (I'm not a professional at crochet circles so I'm not sure how to entirely avoid this yet, but it's okay if the shape isn't perfect, I promise.)

9. Once you have a front panel that's the right size for the back panel, do a row or two without any increases. This will add a bit more volume to the bag.

Then, crochet a row across the top edge of the front panel to give it a more finished look.

11. If you want a little pocket on the front (or the back, or both, or on the inside) make a half circle that's the size you want. Flat pockets are fine the way they are, but you can also do a row or two of no-increase to make it wider. Do an edge along the top of this piece, too. Pin it on and sew.

10. Lay out the back and front panels and pin together at the corner points and in the bottom middle. I used safety pins, but if you happen to have stitch markers, that's cool too. Just secure them so that you can sew along and keep them in the right position.

I also added a row of non-increase edging along the top flap bit.

12. Now its time to strap up. You can use an old belt and sew it on, crochet belt loops to slide it onto your favorite belt(s), make a strap from scratch, or crochet tie on straps.

I'm going to show you how to make belt loops and how to make tie around straps.

Choose your favorite belt and crochet a chain that can lay over it with space on both sides.

Double crochet into each stitch on the chain. You can do one or two rows, the pictures here show just one.

Sew on the top of the loop like pictured, and then fold it down to sew on the bottom of the loop.

I chose to do straps on both of the fanny packs I've made so far. Mine are designed to wrap all the way around and tie in the front.

Choose a point close to the top of the bag on each side and draw your yarn through one of the stitches by pulling it through with your hook. Double crochet, and then repeat that 5 or so times to create a foundation for your strap.

Then just continue chaining up 2 and double crochet between each stitch until the strap is as long as you want it. Repeat on the other side of the bag.

Closure! You also have several options here such as attaching a button or just using a pin/safety pin to close it. Or nothing, that's also an option.

I first went around the upper flap of the bag with a non increase row just to add a little lip to it.

Then, choose a button! Match it up and figure out where to put the button. Then crochet a little loop for it by finding the center of the top flap, tying the yarn on, and making a chain. Then just slip stitch it into the same spot you tied the yarn and you've got a loop.

If you make a fanny pack inspired by this tutorial, tag @thethriftypunk on Instagram!

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